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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718012612. Those, who can intelligently cut Styrodur or Styrofoam, will be able to build entire hotwire chat out of polystyrene.

With the clever solutions from cnc-multitool you will bring your ideas into shape. If you are learning about machines for cutting polystyrene, you will sooner or later come across the abbreviation EPS. During the process of polymerization to solid beads, the plastic will trap gas. At the same time the gas expands. This will swell up the polystyrene and the edges of the bubbles fuse together. EPP on machines we developed ourselves. Benefit from our extensive experience!

This is how you will gain the freedom to realize your ideas. What more could you ask for? Read more about the endless possibilities of using Styrofoam and Styrodur in advertising, as well as the construction of shops and exhibition stands. In advertising technology, a perfect finish is absolutely mandatory. Could artificial stucco made of Styrofoam and Styrodur be for you? More information about CNC hot wire cutting machines for insulation made with Styrofoam and Styrodur. Styrodur panels that will ensure the most effective thermal insulation.

More information regarding packaging made from Styrofoam and Styrodur. Information about the insulation of roller shutter boxes and windows. Five-meter-long cutting wires are not uncommon. What is the correct wire length? For wires that are 1.

The protective coating of XPS boards and blocks creates a greater resistance to the cutting wire. It can get stuck at hardened encrustations and inclusions. With a short wire, this “stutter cut” only takes a few milliseconds. However, a longer cutting wire of 3 meters or more will bend first, before freeing itself again.

This swinging will then lead to rather wavy cutting line. From a length of 2 meters an automatic wire tensioner should be used. Software for shaping or cutting of Styrofoam and Styrodur at a glance. Read more about the CUT 3000S, our workhorse that can also do pirouettes. CNC hot wire cutting machines, milling machines and software for the construction of models and prototypes. To paint symbols made from Styrofoam or Styrodur we highly recommend top quality acrylic paints without solvents.

These paints are available ready to use in almost any color. An additional mixing bench will enable you to create any desired color yourself. One-sided: Will only color the front or top. All other surfaces will be left untreated. Visible side: The color application will cover all visible surfaces of the object. Therefore, only the front and the sides will be fully covered with paint.

In the back, the letter or logo will receive either no or only a light protective layer. Coloring the visible sides is ideal for wall letterings. Complete paint job: Ideal for letters and logos that you would like to hang up, put up or glue to transparent displays. For fast and inexpensive painting, it is recommended to use a paint spray gun. Such spray guns work with compressed air, which is why a compressor or a pump is required to operate the spray gun.

We also highly recommend a painting wall to extract the spray mist. PU with the correct protective layer. You are an international company? Benefit from our larger warehouse.