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Two hottest websites 2017 the baby monkey Fingerlings people are trying to find in stores. Fingerlings are one of the hottest must-have toys for the holiday.

The small interactive baby monkeys are small enough to wear on your finger and respond to touch, sound, and motion with over 40 different sounds and features. In addition to baby monkeys, baby unicorn and baby sloth Fingerlings are exclusive to Toys ‘R Us and Walmart, respectively. 95 but are quickly out of stock in major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Toys ‘R Us. 40 for one of the little critters. While you’re on the hunt for the perfect toy for your kids this holiday season, make sure you add Fingerlings to your list if they’re not there already.

Never heard of Fingerlings or aren’t sure where to get them? INSIDER got a peek at the toys earlier this summer. Here’s everything you need to know about the little critters that are flying off shelves. They’re small enough to wear on your finger. The five-and-a-half inch tall figurines are small enough to carry around on your finger — hence the name. Honestly, they’re just kind of cute to look at.