History of dating

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Borough Market isn’t just the best produce in London, it is also London’s oldest food market – dating back all the way to 1014. It’s opening day is hard to pin down, but the years since have been as rich in history as the food sold today. Borough Market has existed in one form or another for around 1,000 years. Its precise start date is impossible to pin down: there was no official opening, no ribbon-cutting ceremony, not even a brief mention in a chronicle.

The best date available, and the one used as the basis for the Market’s millennium celebration, is 1014. Borough, then as now, was a place defined by its position at one end of London Bridge—for centuries, the only route across the river into the capital. It is likely that London’s first post-Roman bridge was constructed here in the mid-990s, partly to bolster the city’s defences against Viking raiders who routinely sailed up the Thames to kick seven shades of wattle and daub out of the locals. Southwark at the turn of the millennium was, like much of the country, a place scarred by violence and political uncertainty. In 1013 the Anglo-Saxon king, Ethelred the Unready, was chased out of London by the fearsome Danish warrior-king Sweyn Forkbeard. Ethelred fled to Normandy, but Sweyn’s rule proved short-lived: in February 1014, weeks after taking the crown, he dropped dead.