His dating profile is still active

5 members: Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. The band debuted on September 7, 2015, under His dating profile is still active Entertainment.

The members deactivated their personal accounts and only use the group accounts. He was born in Busan, South Korea, he later lived in Seoul. He has an older sister. His hobbies are sport and games. He was a member of the original formation of Day6 known as 5LIVE which made its soft debut in promotions in 2014.

However, the band changed their name after fans compared them to American band Maroon 5. Nags the maknae line a lot. Good friends with JB of Got7. According to Jae, he looks like Lee Min Ho. Is really a good dancer but he always does an ugly dance when asked to dance in broadcasts. Jae says he looks like Bob the builder. Sungjin actually appeared in an episode of Hidden Singer in season two where he competed against JYP himself to see who sounded most like JYP.

Day6’s first DJ Vlive since he always kills mosquitoes. Sungjin and Wonpil share a room. Sungjin was on Weekly Idol ep. 305 as a masked idol. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but when he was 5 his family moved to California. Jae attended Cerritos High School in California and California State University, Long Beach.

His hobby is playing badminton. He placed 6th on Kpop Star season 1 and signed a contract with JYP Entertainment. Chicken Little’ because he looks like him. Also called hashtag king because he uses a lot of long hashtags.

He himself said he killed a dragon. He formed a debate club in high school. He thinks he looks attractive with glasses on. He believes he introduced the Bernie dance to Korea.

He used to edit Day6’s own wikipedia and played with members’ nicknames. Loves his foam cleanser a lot. Used to be very active on twitter, tweeting hilarious tweets every day. Most fluent in English but is not that good in speaking Korean. Jae dreams in both English and Korean. Jae is friends with The Rose members, especially Woosung. Jae, Young K and Dowoon share a room.

He’s born and raised in Ilsan, South Korea, and moved to Toronto, Canada, to attend high school. He lived in Toronto for about 4 years. During middle school his dream wasn’t to be a singer, but a basketball player. He began his career in 2010 under the name Brian Kang as a member of a musical trio in Toronto, Canada.

Young K was Scouted by JYPE with his band member Don Lee from 3rd Degree in Toronto to come to audition for JYPE. He was a member of the original formation of Day6 known as 5LIVE. 2 as a backup dancer. Wants to be called YoungK but everyone calls him Brian. Is really a good dancer. Dowoon having vocal lessons makes him happy.