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Being that it is the biggest girls looking for guys playground in Asia finding girls for sex in Macau is not a problem at all. Macau is not a problem at all.

There are many prostitutes all over the streets near the casinos and hotels, and the sex saunas are some of the best in the world. There are girls from all over Asia working here and sometimes you can even find European, Latina or African girls as well. If you are on a budget don’t even bother taking a trip here. If money is no object then go and have a great time. The mongering is very good and the casinos draw lots of money which means hot prostitutes following the money. Plus there are the many ways to meet hookers online as well.

Lets get going on this Macau sex guide. There are two main ways to find girls for sex in Macau and the first one would be by looking for hookers at the casinos. They will be all around the casinos and generally they dress in nice clothing so it is not always easy to tell who is a prostitute and who is not. There is a strip called the Lisboa track where sexy prostitutes walk around the walkway of the casino waiting for guys to approach them. You can find some very sexy girls walking the Lisboa track but again it’s going to come at a very high price. They are all looking for a big score from a high-rolling Chinese man who just won a lot of money on the tables and wants to give it to them.

Update: Sadly the Lisboa track may no longer be around. There was a big bust and the hotel seems to try and keep the prostitutes out. It is still worth checking out, but you may no longer be able to find as many hookers here. A new hotspot that may have replaced the Lisboa track is in the back of the Venetian by the bridge. Head out the back entrance and most nights there will be many there. Don’t bother with the cards offering girls for sex that they hand out on the street. If you are having trouble finding freelancers try meeting hookers in Macau online.

The sex saunas in Macau are a place that every man should visit if he can afford it. You walk in like a normal sauna or health club and head to the locker room where there will be an attendant to help you get ready. They will hand you a towel and you will head over to the shower where you can either wash yourself or have a sexy girl wash you. You will have to pay extra for the girl to wash you. This will include a bit of a handjob or possibly a blowjob, but not enough to make you cum. Then you can go for a swim, a steam, or you can just skip all of that spa stuff and go to the hooker area.