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San Francisco 18 November 1919. 22 June 1922, and was placed in reserve. Rotating Reserve from August 1933 to February 1934. 28 September and decommissioned there 13 January 1937. America’s entry into the war nearer.

When news of the encounter reached the United States, public concern ran high. Initial reports reported that a British aircraft aided in repelling the attack. German blockade zone, and assailed by depth bombs until midnight. The communique implied that the US destroyer had dropped the first depth bombs. Germany accused President Roosevelt of “endeavoring with all the means at his disposal to provoke incidents for the purpose of baiting the American people into the war.

America nearer to outright involvement in the European war. Her identity as an American ship was unmistakable. She was then and there attacked by a submarine. Germany admits that it was a German submarine.

In spite of what Hitler’s propaganda bureau has invented, and in spite of what any American obstructionist organisation may prefer to believe, I tell you the blunt fact that the German submarine fired first upon this American destroyer without warning, and with the deliberate design to sink her. President Roosevelt announced what became known as his “shoot-on-sight” order: that Nazi submarines’ “very presence in any waters which America deems vital to its defense constitutes an attack. In the waters which we deem necessary for our defense, American naval vessels and American planes will no longer wait until Axis submarines lurking under the water, or Axis raiders on the surface of the sea, strike their deadly blow—first. The aggression is not ours. But let this warning be clear. American defence, they do so at their own peril.

The sole responsibility rests upon Germany. There will be no shooting unless Germany continues to seek it. 0920 she located the submarine directly ahead by her underwater sound equipment. German response that the sub had survived. Admiral Stark’s report to the Senate Committee “made the President’s statement appear in some respects inadequate, and, in others, incorrect. Krock defined the term “attack” as “an onset, an aggressive initiation of combat, a move which is the antithesis of ‘defense. In that definition,” he said, “all three of our destroyers attacked the German submarines.

39 victims of German U-boats. Boston then headed for the Atlantic convoy duty. New York City 11 May with a convoy of 83 ships. 1 June, the destroyer patrolled off the North African port and then recrossed the Atlantic, arriving New York 27 June. She rendezvoused with a convoy in the Caribbean and headed for North Africa. Diverted to New York, she docked there 14 September. 26 December with another Casablanca-bound convoy and after an uneventful crossing returned to Boston 9 February 1944.

This was the final transatlantic crossing for the old four-stack destroyer, as she and her sister ships were replaced by newer and faster escorts. The veteran destroyer spent the remainder of her long career performing a variety of necessary tasks in American waters. As of 2017, no other ship in the United States Navy has borne this name. Sub Raid in Self Defense, Say Nazis”. Navy Reports on Greer Attack: Official Account Given Senate Committee,” 15 October 1941 at p.

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