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1 0 0 0 0zM16. 5 0 10 0s10 4. A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Go to the search page. There’s still a taboo around an older man paying lavishly for the company of a much younger woman — while the women are sometimes portrayed as either victims or prostitutes. We spoke with “T”, a 40-year-old consultant who lives in Virginia.

150,000 a year, and uses the site to find what she calls “mutually beneficial” relationships. She talked about what it’s like to be a Sugar Baby, her past Sugar Daddies, and if the site is really as bad as it seems. Why did you sign up to be a member of Seeking Arrangement? I have been in two long-term mutually-beneficial situations in the past. My intention was to go on the site and meet like-minded people. How many people on average reach out to you a day on the site? It can be anywhere from 15 to 20, to as many as around 100.

A lot depends on the time of the year, actually. My profile tends to intimidate, it’s kind of a weeding out process. The Sugar Daddies that may approach other women would not necessarily approach me. They wait, and if I approach them they say, “I saw your profile, but I was a little intimidated so I’m glad you reached out to me. It could be the photos, or my height.

I mean I’m 5’10” — if you put 6” Louboutins on me, I tend to be a little scary. Or it could be my education level. I’ve had a lot of men comment on how highly educated I am. And then when you get to the meat of my profile, you can see it’s not my first time at the rodeo, and that I know what I’m looking for.