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8583 single-format-standard using-the-ipad-as-a-digital-whiteboard-plus-4-cool-free-apps-to-use-to-try-it-out wpb-js-composer js-free meeting apps-ver-5. I downloaded each one and spent a little time with them. Four of these apps were pretty cool and definitely worth sharing.

The others had drawbacks that led me to eliminate them from further consideration. 5 by hundreds of users. 9 colors but just one pen size. You can import pictures to use as your background. Mostly importantly, you can record your whiteboard session for play back, and the recording will include audio. This app is a great example of combining a few simple features to make a tool that is very useful. Unlike most of these other tools, Zig Zag requires the user to create an account.

Once you sign up, there’s a nice page-by-page tutorial on how to use the drawing tools and how multi-touch gestures work within the app. My son and I tried this and it was easy and worked well. 4 colors and 4 pen sizes, the ability to move a drawing and to add a background, and to add text. You share your drawings via email or save them as a photo. 99 that provides more colors, more line widths, 5 fonts to select from, and live sharing. Doceri Remote: Required the installation of an additional application in order to use it, and it appeared that I would probably have to pay that app at some point. This seems pretty straightforward if you have the right components.

I can’t wait to try this, and I’ll be sure to share my results here. Your projector or TV will have to have an HDMI interface. If any readers have experience doing this, using these or similar apps, please tell us about it. As always, questions or other comments are also welcomed! How’s It Going So Far? White Plains, NY, where he also teaches. He frequently delivers presentations and training on a variety of education and technology topics at schools and conferences across the U.

Column for University Business magazine. That being said, in my experience most free screencasting apps for any platform generally do not have much editing functionality. Hopefully these comments give you some ideas! Thanks for all the info. I am done with it. I might also want to keep the video but rerecord the audio. I might even decide the session is too long so I’ll want to cut out a portion of it and splice the rest together.

Free or Inexpensive software and programs? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on collaborating teacher student whiteboard ipad education. I use it to create presentations and lessons for my class. Very easy to use, and their is an extensive clip-art section that helps me put together lessons. Screencasting is the most common content creation approach for flipped teaching.

Lots of teacher like to use this type of approach to illustrate things. Another one worth checking out is Lucidchart. I’ve used it quite a bit and it’s free for education. I’m trying to experiment with Doceri app, but it is crashing every time I try to open a project in another app. I’m hoping to save the video in Dropbox so I can then upload to my blog for students or during tutorials. Any help would be great.