Find finsubs

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a fake finsub. Even the occasional jerk who shows up in groups just to say findommes are whores gets hard when he thinks about financial domination. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a fake finsub. That’s why find finsubs shows up.

I do however, believe in jerks, trolls and posers. That’s why he shows up. And while there is every possibility that the right woman, with the right skill set and enough patience can turn any one of these characters into a fountain of cash, most of us aren’t fucking interested. Have you gotten used to seeing him be a little prick to other women on the internet? His bad attitude is a good sign he just wants to yank your chain.

I just ignore rude little pricks as a standard, no matter what their messages say. 1000 dollars right fucking now because I think your brand new, nearly blank profile really stands out from the 2000 others just like it. It’s really obvious when you’re new to the scene no matter how many years of experience you claim on your profile, and  posers will sniff you out and sell you big dreams. In exchange new girls seem to give these posers almost anything they want! Don’t fall into that trap.

If they offer you bookuu bucks, make them prove it. Finsubs, in general, are downright finicky. While there are some who just get off on sending money to random women for the hell of it, most want something very specific. And the ones who do just want to blow cash, will send it to you, no questions asked and no bullshit. If a man pops up in your inbox making promises, but he misses some important aspect of your main profile, he’s probably not worth the energy. Why is this a red flag? Am I just a dick who hates on less intelligent people?

I’m not going to hurt my eyes for nothing, I tell these boys to shape up or fuck off. This is totally understandable if you have very few or no pictures of yourself, but if you have a nice array of pictures, a face pic here or there, or a goddamn verification pic? A thoughtful gentleman will start a conversation with you before trying to jump into a scene, every time. A skeezebag who’s already stroking his little dick will do the opposite. I know some don’t mind this, but I do, and for me this is a major red flag. Blackmail and forced tributing are real and extremely erotic ways to play. It’s also a great way to get your kicks and then back out the second you feel regret.