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Saunas, Sex And Sun Hello my little boy toys, big old bears, terrific twinks and fellow cockaholics. Hello my little boy toys, escorts recife old bears, terrific twinks and fellow cockaholics.

You’ll find that while there are tons of gay European tourists, the number of American tourists are fairly low. Because of this, you may have more of a language barrier than in other South American hot spots, but if you speak even a little bit of any Euro language, you should be fine. So, let’s take a little tour of fine-for-fucking Fortaleza. The main tourist activity in Fortaleza is hitting the beach. The Barraca Cabumba beach is where you want to hang out if you just want to mingle with fellow happy homos. It’s a gay beach where people come to relax and bake off their hangovers after a night of hitting the hot, hot bar scene. You’ll have a great chances of meeting cute guys here you can hang out with later, though it’s not much of a hookup beach.

If you want your chance to get some sex into your beach bum sexperience, then head over to Meireles beach, where the action is much hotter. Here is where you can find Mr. Right Now and head to a secluded spot for some private fun time. Both beaches are heavily gay and you won’t have to worry about being surrounded by boring breeders. Your only challenge will be that the nicer hotels require you to register your guests, and will frown upon you bringing an escort back with you. This, of course, stops neither rent boys nor their customers. That said, sometimes you don’t really want to go to all that hassle.

This is why the male escorts have learned how to work the saunas and many, many small dark rooms in the gay bars and clubs. At any given time, figure that 80 percent of the young guys in the saunas and clubs are for hire on the spot. You just talk to them, agree on a price, and then head over to a secluded spot of the sauna or club and get your gay on. Because of the sheer numbers of rent boys working the bars and saunas, the prices are somewhat lower than in Rio or other Brazilian cities. Avenida Beira Mar, where what seems at first glance to be a cruising scene is actually a hot and heavy rent boy scene. Fortaleza is a very safe city, there have been some reports of rip-off artist rent boys slipping drugged drinks to tourists to rob them. When in Fortaleza you’ll spend 80 percent of your time either at the beach or cruising for guys.

This city is sex central, so why not? Still, there are some other things to do and we’d be remiss if we didn’t pass them on. Fortaleza offers one of the most spectacular sunsets in Brazil. The best place to see it is the entertainingly named Ponte Metallica. T-shirts you are envisioning in your mind right now are on sale there.