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Bela Mini is available for preorder! Bela just got a lot smaller. Bela Mini has all the most popular features of the original Bela board in a tinier package, ready to be embedded in more places than ever. Shipping in May 2018, Bela Mini is available as both a starter kit and a cape.

Click below to read more, and pre-order. Bela is the maker platform for creating beautifully responsive audio and interactive applications. Bela puts the power of ultra-low latency audio and sensor processing in the hands of makers everywhere. Bela is used by audio enthusiasts, interactive aritsts, musicians, wearable technology designers, installation artists and digital craftspeople worldwide. The Bela platform, which includes our original Bela board and the new tiny Bela Mini, combines specially-designed hardware for powerful real-time processing, with software that has been crafted to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Bela uses Xenomai Linux for hard real-time audio processing with latencies as low as 100us, a speed that even the best laptop can’t match. Puredata, Supercollider, or a variety of other languages.

You develop it, Bela runs it. O, all of which are sampled together at audio rates. Bela’s hardware and software are both open source, and Bela benefits from the innovation and support of its worldwide community of musicians, designers, makers and tinkerers. Bela can be unplugged and run from an external battery and embed into instruments, interactive objects, effects boxes and more – no laptop required. Includes powerful features at your fingertips, such as an in-browser oscilloscope, code examples, and much more. Read about Bela projects and events, as well as how-tos and tutorials.

Ask questions, get help, and show off what you’ve made. Visit our repo to explore our software and hardware. Find our project examples and circuit diagrams, as well as our Get Started Guide. Some of our favourite projects.

The Kalichord Strum by Dan Moses is a new instrument designed to offer keyboardists an intuitive and expressive way to play rhythmic strumming parts in real time. Created by Dan Moses and implemented using Bela, the current prototype features five uniquely shaped tines that the user strums and plucks while fingering notes on a MIDI keyboard. It also features a multichannel looper designed to loop just the pluck signals, simplifying the strumming performance and freeing the strumming hand for playing basslines. Fedde ten Berge is a sound artist who creates work across different contexts and disciplines. In his project Of Nature and Things he has developed a series of sound installations that investigate the possible manifestations and combinations of different types of material. A recurring characteristic of these works is the use of ceramic, and a large part of his research focuses on expressing the electrical capacity and vibrational qualities of this material. In each of the three works presented below a ceramic object is sensed using Bela to create sound installations that respond to the audience’s touch and their interaction with the material of the object.

Aural Fabric is an interactive textile map created by Alessia Milo who is an architect and researcher in acoustics, space and the built environment. This embroidered map allows you to listen to selected field recordings by touching areas of it that can sense touch. This project uses conductive thread, capacitive sensing and Bela to process sensor data and play back the field recordings. The first map that was made represents a selection of sounds from the area of Greenwich, London.