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Discover Sage Accounting Software, whether you need basic bookkeeping or invoicing or business-wide accounting, Sage ME has the right dubai chat. From basic invoicing functions and bookkeeping for startups to business-wide accounting functions for enterprise-sized businesses, we provide a range of accounting products that can be tailored to meet the specific business requirements of our clients. We have a selection of trusted solutions that range from desktop to cloud-based accounting software to help you find the accounting solution that is perfect for your business. We provide powerful management solutions to large and growing companies that outgrow their present financial solutions.

Our Business Management Solution is much easier to use and flexible as compared to typical ERP systems. The software solution will work with your company to improve efficiency and agility of the processes through the consolidation of insight, customer service, supply, CRM, and sales, into one powerful solution. Sage offers a range of Business Intelligence software solutions that can be used to create customized business reports that provide greater insight into your company’s data. The Intelligence Reporting tool pulls all the data from your Sage Accounting, Business Management or Payroll Solutions products to deliver it to you in Excel templates, so you can customize and view the reports on a platform that you are familiar with.

The Sage CRM software has been developed with an aim in mind, to help businesses improve their customer relationships through the proper organization and automation of all activities and communications in all the customer-facing departments. This includes departments like customer service, marketing, sales, etc. Our CRM solutions are easy to use with rich functionality across a number of platforms. The CRM is a customizable and scalable solution that can grow right along with your business. Our range of HR and payroll software solutions is ideal for any business, regardless of size or manpower. The HR and Payroll software provides flexible solution that can be tailored according to your business needs. Sage Inventory Advisor lets you reduce your excess inventory, minimise stock-outs and place orders quicker.

The range of Talent Solutions by Sage has been developed to help your company find top talent with minimum effort or cost. This product is sure to modernize your entire recruitment processes. The Sage Recruitment service does not just find people to hire. Instead, it offers companies a comprehensive recruitment solution that can be customized for your company. This service makes sure the solution that is offered suits both your and the candidate’s needs.

Find out how to join the Sage Middle East Accountants Forum. Find out how to join the Sage Middle East Bookkeepers Forum. Find an accountant or register your own practise on our database. If you have software that adds functional value to one or more Sage solutions, we encourage you to join this programme. You’ll benefit from a variety of tools and resources. Explore our range of training options and expand your knowledge. Keep yourself and your company on the leading edge by staying updated with our seminars.