Dominant submissive chat

Now, he runs this intimate party group, just for fun. Our events are small scale, with as few as 20 people at the smaller ones, up to 40 or more at others. So the atmosphere is friendly and many of the guests know each other, but new faces are always welcome. 40 people only, in a very smart hotel in the Berkshire countryside, all dressed up dominant submissive chat their best fetish outfits.

A three course dinner with wine and lovely bedrooms also available if you wish to stay overnight. In Summer, we even use the outdoor pool. Then there are the parties for submissive women and their dominant male parters. No single men at this party, so women can relax, free from unwanted hassle. The equipment you can try out includes a fucking machine a TENS unit, whipping benches, a sybian and more. We also hold play parties at a big old former vicarage in South London. Couples, women and TVs are all welcome and, yes, we do admit single men to this one as well!

BDSM way that’s safe and sane, this is for you. This is our friendly get-together in ordinary clothes, for a drink and a chat in a nice riverside pub beside Teddington Lock, West London. Dominant Females live on cam bossing around men. All Dommes appearing on this site are being recorded live on cam in real time. Obey your mistress through webcam, meet dominatrixs online for BDSM play and gratification. Your dominatrix is waiting, get whipped, bound, and forced to pleasure your domina.