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She do women take breaks from dating a member of the Hollywood establishment thanks to her marriage to Oscar winner Tom Hanks. But Rita Wilson broke down on tears on NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are after discovering she had a half-brother who died when he was just a baby. The 55-year-old was crying again after meeting her long lost uncle and discovering her father had been an enemy of the state after he escaped from a labour camp and fled his Bulgaria. She was left in tears several times after finding out he had been previously married and that she had a half brother called Emil.

Tragically her father’s wife died three days after the birth and his son died just a couple of months later. She then discovered her father had been  forced to join the military and then dismissed from the army and jailed for just over 2 years after he stole 28 plastic bottles. He was then interred in a labour camp in Bulgaria in 1946 after he tried to leave the country, and when he finally managed to escape he became an enemy of the state. Rita then learned that her father’s half-brother has been found elsewhere in Bulgaria.

Ibrahimoff, now 96, and after they both hugged and cried together. She travels to meet her uncle for the first time. He tells Rita how happy he is to meet her and jokes that he lived to age 96 so that he could have this moment. She also learned he was also in the same labor camp as her father, and that he had been interrogated after her father escaped. The translator gives Rita a letter her father sent to his brother’s family after he made it to America, which they saved for her. It says he came to the United States on May 4 1949. He talks about taking classes, the high-paying jobs, and women.