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I was born in a priest family of Desi bhabhi chatroom and my earliest recollections of my childhood are often of the temple or of religious gatherings. This dates back to the early 1870s when the English sahibs set up their office in the small village called brahmpuri. It had a small population of around a hundred people and all of them were Brahmins.

Since the village was full of beautiful girls and fair ladies, the sahibs thought this place the best deal to settle. It was located on the banks of river vaksha and had sprawling greenery around it. The place was also important tactically besides offering the English type of weather. The females in the village were so fair that they even challenged the wives of sahibs for their complexion but the distinct feature of all Indian women of brahmpuri was that they had the most ample bosoms. This went on from generation to generation and even the little girls of that village who just hit their puberty had breasts to be envious of.

The village was almost cut from the rest of the world and the sahibs thought that they had found some kind of harem or utopia with so many females. The males in the village were really numbered and at the most had been twenty while more than eighty females were there as daughters , wives and mothers and sisters. People dressed as they pleased and it was no wonder if women roamed topless or even if women bathed fully nude in open public bathing places. Nothing was promiscuous in the village. Even the ancestry had a special feature.

All the village folk were related to each other. It was a custom to marry one’s nephew or niece. It was not incest but it was done to preserve wealth and on some occasions even real brother and sister had been married to each other just to conserve wealth. My own family was sort of complicated.

My mother was actually the daughter of the real sister of my father. So in other sense, my father was my sort of grandfather. Well, as in those days , early marriage was quite common and my mother had been married at fifteen to my father , her uncle at that time , and when my mother was sixteen she bore me . Two years later, my sister was born. As I told before, my father was a temple priest and he knew many languages and he was particularly fluent in English. Many times, we saw him talking to the sahibs.