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Customization of Gift Items such as photo-mugs, photo-notebooks, pen drives, I-Phone cases are possible at the click of your mouse on www. All rights reserved by www. If you are the account owner, please submit ticket for further information. The climate of Changtang is poor and unpredictable. The summers are warm but short and thunderstorms can occur at any time of year, often with hail.

The winters are cold and Arctic-like, despite the latitude, due to the high elevation. Drukpa’ for ‘nomads’ in Tibetan. Unlike many other nomadic groups, the Changpa are not under pressure from settled farmers as the vast majority of land they inhabit is too inhospitable for farming. Changpa, and the most important resource is the plants the animals graze on. Changpa over one year limits the impact that their animals have on the grazing lands, the grasses of which are dead for eight to nine months of the year, and provide poor fodder during that time. Wealthier nomads may have buildings for storage and living in for the part of the year they spend at that encampment.

In addition to changing pastures, there are numerous other techniques developed by the Changpa to even out the periods of surpluses and shortages. Animals are slaughtered early in the winter, after fattening up in the summer and while the weather is conducive to storage. Trade has played an important role for the Changpa as they are not able to produce all the goods they consume. Salt, meat, live animals, wool, and unprocessed cashmere are traded for basics such as grain, cooking pots, and other metal implements, as well as more modern goods. Since the reserves have been established there has been a welcome increase in the numbers of endangered species. As in the rest of Ladakh, Changtang has been experiencing many socio-economical developments since the late twentieth century.