Dating with loose skin

Sara Rosemeyer, a 31-year-old military wife and mom-of-four who is living in Nebraska, underwent a lower body life and breast lift and augmentation in October after dating with loose skin over 100 pounds. By Aoibhinn Mcbride For Dailymail.

An overweight mother-of-four who has lost over 100 pounds is documenting her excess skin removal surgery in a series of brutally honest social media posts. Nearly two years ago as she approached her 30th birthday, Sara also attempted suicide due to the stresses in her marriage, caring for her two boys who have autism, and a cycle of ‘arguments and binge eating’. But thanks to help from a family doctor, a nutritionist and a therapist, Sara was able to overcome her demons and set herself on a road to recovery. On October 31, she underwent extensive surgery, removing loose skin around her stomach area via a lower body lift. B cup to a C. I’ve signed myself up for. But since then, Sara has been positively sharing her recovery story with her followers, offering frank insights into the healing process and how it has affected not just her body, but her self esteem.

After her first check up, Sara posted pictures of her bandaged stomach with several drains attached, writing, ‘the doctor said I’m healing very well. It certainly doesn’t feel it though. I attempted to cough and I thought my insides were going to explode. She added that although she liked what she saw, she was ‘overwhelmed’ when she saw the incisions in her skin. Not losing her sense of humor, a couple of days after that, she joked that although she was struggling with the pain, her ultimate goal was to be able to wash her hair. And not one to shy away from the camera, the avid social media fan took the opportunity to post pictures of her compression garments which were fitted with drains. Captioning a shot four days after her surgery, she wrote: ‘Today I was uncomfortable, like these drains are such a pain in the ass but no where near to what I felt a few days ago.

Thankfully I have not sneezed but I did attempt to cough and I thought my insides were going to explode. After 30 days, the two of the four drains in Sara’s stomach were removed, however she shared that this had been a very painful process, resulting in swelling and infections. Very happy with my results yet far but absolutely looking forward to wearing underwear again soon, a bra that fits well, going the bathroom and taking a shower without these pesky things hanging from me like something out of Stranger Things,’ she added. For the family that does EVERYTHING together!

Do YOU suffer from ‘armpit vaginas’? She also started to enjoy the perks of her breast augmentation, revealing that she now filled out a bra that used to be too big for her. My size A deflated bean bags used to slide all over in this thing. Sometimes slipping out,’ she wrote. I fill this completely now and it’s so nice!