Dating with depression and anxiety

Professional counseling psychotherapy help for anxiety, depression, post partum, adult attachment therapy, eating disorders, relationships and couples. DC VA Counseling Psychotherapy, LLC » Welcome to Counseling Psychotherapy, LLC! Welcome to Counseling Psychotherapy, Dating with depression and anxiety! Congratulations on taking your first step towards improving your life!

Professional Counseling Psychotherapy is thankfully a type of help that is becoming more common in many societies. Are you facing a crisis or difficult time? Do you want to make some changes but can’t or don’t know how? Tired of being in pain or just not satisfied enough with your life? Are your relationships not going the way you would like them to?

Do you feel lonely or disappointed by people around you most of the time? Are you constantly overwhelmed by your feelings, thoughts, or actions? Would you like to feel less stress and more self-confidence? Do you have trouble enjoying life and having fun because of constant worry or are you sad or down more than days than not? Are you lost of confused because of the changes or losses in your life?

Do you struggle with diets and not liking your body no matter what you do? Have you tried therapy in the past but talk therapy isn’t getting you the results or change you are looking for? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our mental health and emotional balance is as important as our body or teeth and we are just beginning to take care of it.

Fortunately now we have the most information and resources people have ever had so we don’t have to suffer unnecessary pain. Pain is part of life but pain that we can take care of is not ok. We offer different type of help and at different levels depending on the client’s needs and own personal development. So please take your time to inform yourself about what therapy is all about and find out what you are looking for. The therapeutic process is a very important part of your journey so please inform yourself and take your time looking for a good fit.

Psychotherapy as it is commonly known is outdated. The field of psychology definitely originated in pathology and therefore the stigma. We are your doctors for the mind and soul. As early as in 1946 Dr. We are meant to thrive not to survive and unfortunately living in one of the most developed countries, a lot of people are emotionally surviving as much as other people’s bodies are starving in other parts of the world. Why are we a different type of therapy center?

We are a relational center. Relational psychotherapy is an integrative form of therapy, born from a combination of several therapeutic theories and practices. Since then, relational psychotherapy has expanded, growing to become a widely used theoretical base for many other forms of therapy that focus on a person’s relationships and the impact they can have on emotional and mental wellness. Ask for more information to see which one is the best for you. I am also devoted to the field of positive psychology and prevention by offering my support to people during processes of change and common life transitions. One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness.