Dating with asperger”s

The Tech Industry’s Asperger Problem: Affliction Or Insult? Asperger Problem: Affliction Or Insult? Somewhere north of 15,000 American children are conservatively believed to be afflicted with Asperger Syndrome, a disorder characterized dating with asperger’s obsessive and rigid behavior, poor communication skills, clumsiness, and a lack of empathy and reciprocity.

Silicon Valley over the past 20 years, according to state-funded outreach workers — an assertion that will come as no shock to users familiar with pedantic, apathetic, tight-lipped and self-serving tech companies. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is rumored to have it. Cases of Asperger’s and a related disorder, autism, exploded in Silicon Valley over the past 20 years, according to state-funded outreach workers — an assertion that will come as no shock to users familiar with pedantic, apathetic, tight-lipped and self-serving tech companies. How, exactly, does Asperger’s work, and has it had a material impact on how the technology sector relates to its customers? Below, find a quick guide to those questions, and a look at why one of the Valley’s most famously infuriating pedants, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is rumored to have it. This is a burst that has staggered us in our steps,” the director of the regional center for people with developmental disabilities was quoted as saying.

A Cupertino public school teacher was also quoted calling the trend toward more and more cases “an iceberg approaching. The disorders seemed to cluster in other tech hubs, too. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft was the first major U. In Rochester, New York, the local school district advised the mother of a child with Asperger Syndrome to move to the northwestern part of the city, because there were a large number of affected kids there. The condition only seems to have become more common in the intervening decade. Peter Thiel spoke about the prevalence of Asperger’s-like behavior among startup founders. Thiel was Facebook’s first outside investor.

You have all these Internet companies over the past decade,” he said, “and the people who run them are sort of autistic. These mild cases of Asperger’s seem to be quite rampant. There’s no need for sales—the companies themselves are weirdly nonsocial in nature. There’s no clear consensus on how Asperger’s unfolds. Some doctors don’t even recognize it as a distinct disorder, classifying it as a mild form of Autism, i.

Typically, diagnosis involves a team of clinicians with different specialties, and the sufferer is usually a child. Diagnosis in adulthood is more complicated. 100 minutes of alone time together per week before she’d agree to move out to California. On the verbal side, the disorder is often characterized by a monotone pitch or odd inflection and a lack of rhythm. Non-verbal tics can include a stiff gaze, limited use of gestures, and inappropriate facial expressions. Zuckerberg is literally dissolving in a lake of his own sweat Kara sympathizes, suggests he take off the hoodie he’s wearing Zuckerberg refuses to take off the hoodie.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has publicly described an incident in which Zuckerberg seemed to lack a sense of humor and in which his verbal communication skills otherwise failed him. Should I leave the door open or should I close it? And Ev said, “I’ll just close it this much? I was making all these jokes and everything, and they were just dying. He was like, oh, I understand this is what you humans call humor. We get to this awkward moment where he says, ‘well, you know, I don’t like to talk about numbers, it’s not something I do.

And Evan said, ‘well, you know, that’s not something we do either’ So then Zuckerberg, said, ‘but if you’d like to throw me out a number, I’ll tell you yes or no right now. And Evan, said, okay, 500 million. And Zuckerberg said, ‘that is a big number. And I said, ‘you said you’d say yes or no. Zuckerberg’s critics have sometimes tried to slam him by way of associating him with the disorder. Zuckerberg “an amoral, Asperger’s-like entrepreneur” while accusing him of ripping of various partners and prospective co-founders.

Well, trading off people’s feelings for page views and Twitter followers sounds familiar to me. Inflammatory though his comments may have been, Calacanis raised an interesting question: To what extent can rampant abuse of user privacy among tech startups be traced to Asperger Disorder? And to what extent does modern web programming, in its demand for both speed and obsessive attention to technical detail, inherently reward Aspergian tendencies? Are the very Aspergers-like features that made Silicon Valley a hotbed of innovation — a relentless desire to commune with machines, a willingness to push past consumers’ technological comfort zones — turning it into an antisocial, sometimes parasitic force? Asperger’s felt “uncomfortably familiar” every time he heard them listed. At the same time, he cast some doubt on his self assessment, writing that he was a “mostly suppressed” hypochondriac.

I’m a hard-wired nerd with symptoms I’m told border on Asperger’s Syndrome. That means I’m too trusting, often socially inept, have difficulty shifting focus, and frequently am unsure what to do in situations others handle easily. And I don’t have a normal person’s ability to sense when someone might be looking to take advantage of these shortcomings. He often plays with a Rubik’s Cube.