Dating wells

Modern Family’ star finally confirmed that the dating wells are true — she’s dating ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Wells Adams. Who Is Wells Adams Dating? You seriously need to sign up for our newsletter. Your life just got exponentially better and more stylish now you’ve signed up for our newsletter.

Watch the video below to see Sarah’s sweet Instagram reveal. Fans flooded the comments, and a lot of them aren’t really feeling the pairing, and some think Sarah and Wells are just an odd couple. But other fans were super supportive of them. I knew that there was something brewing! Sarah shared the photo of their costume on Halloween.

Dominic Sherwood, back in August. Kenya, and it’s safe to say that she approves of Wells’ new girl. I ship this couple SO hard! I’ve never seen Wells so giddy and happy! Try spreading some love instead of knocking down the cutest and most genuine coupling I’ve seen in a long time. Becca Kufrin Is the Most Woke ‘Bachelorette’ of All Time — Details on the Brunette Beauty ABC Won’t Tell You! Please forward this error screen to 185.

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