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Chevy and won the national record in 1965. One of my sisters is a stewardess for Pan Am and my youngest sister is currently studying in France. My father is a stockbroker for the Chicago Board of Trade. I pick up homeless pets and now have seven cats. LOOK OUT: I am a health fiend and work out religiously. Illinois’ first African-American college graduates.

It has been described as one of America’s foremost Christian institutions. Wheaton among the Top 100 Colleges and Universities in its 2015 rankings. Wheaton College was founded in 1860. Mired in financial trouble and unable to sustain the institution, the Wesleyans looked to Blanchard for new leadership. He took on the role as president in 1860, having suggested several Congregationalist appointees to the board of trustees the previous year.

The Wesleyans, similar in spirit and mission to the Congregationalists, were happy to relinquish control of the Illinois Institute. 1836, at the age of twenty-five. Under Blanchard’s leadership, the college was a stop on the Underground Railroad. The confirmation came from the letters of Daniel Studebaker, one of Blanchard’s relatives by marriage, who notes that the town and college’s anti-slavery beliefs were so widely held “that he, along with hundreds of other Wheaton residents, had seen and spoken with many fugitive slaves”. Blanchard consistently lobbied for universal co-education and was a strong proponent of reform through strong public education open to all. At this time, Wheaton was the only school in Illinois with a college-level women’s program.

Also, Wheaton saw its first graduate of color in 1866, when Edward Breathitte Sellers took his degree. Additionally, he is one of the first African-American college graduates in the state of Illinois. Shortly thereafter, President Charles Blanchard died and Buswell was called to be the third president of Wheaton. Upon his installation in April 1926, he became the nation’s youngest college president at age 31. In 1940, this tension led to the firing of Buswell for being, as two historians of the college put it, “too argumentative in temperament and too intellectual in his approach to Christianity. By 1950, enrollment at the college surpassed 1,600, and in the second half of the twentieth century, enrollment growth and more selective admissions accompanied athletic success, additional and improved facilities, and expanded programs. 2 year campaign figure for Wheaton College”.

Tony Blair noted that the partnership will “give emerging leaders in the United States and the United Kingdom the opportunity to explore in depth the critical issues of how faith impacts the modern world today through different faith and cultural lenses” and that Wheaton’s participation will “greatly enrich the Initiative”. Wheaton is arguably the best school in the nation with a Christ-based worldview. Students may choose from about 40 majors in many liberal arts disciplines and in the sciences. Some of the most popular in recent years have been business, communications, English, biology, biblical studies, political science, international relations, and psychology. In 2011 it was ranked No. 1 for best cafeteria food in the nation according to the Princeton review. Wheaton College at 56 out of 265 Best National Liberal Arts Colleges.