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600AD, although it is generally agreed that Ursula was of Romano-British descent and that prior to her untimely demise she was betrothed to a man of high rank and was travelling to be united with her intended. Cologne in Germany, where they were cruelly massacred for refusing to copulate with or marry the invading Huns, a nomadic race from Central Asia who conquered much of Europe in the fourth century. Whilst some historians have argued that Ursula was completing a holy pilgrimage through Europe to Rome before her marriage, it has also been said that the ships on which the women were travelling were caught in a storm and shipwrecked far from their intended destination. The survivors were subsequently taken prisoner and savagely beheaded, whilst Ursula their leader was said to have been shot by an arrow by the leader of the Huns. Dionotus dutifully sent Ursula as bride to Conan and thousands more maidens for his men, but unfortunately the women were never to arrive. Many of the noted religious historians of the Migration Period and Middle Ages neglect to mention the legend of the martyred virgins, raising doubts about its authenticity.