Dating meaning in telugu

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An huge collection of all those strange English words and phrases combined in a dictionary of slang and colloquialisms of the UK. Stop rabbitting and get on with your work. The female breasts, usually when impressively large. Often an exclamation of approval.

An idiot, a crazy person. Of vehicles or machinery, to push to the limits of use, to abuse. Usually applied to driving a vehicle. He always rags it when he’s in a hire car.

The period of menstruation, usually with negative connotations of moodyness. Cunnilingus when performed on a menstruating woman. Have you seen Bill’s new girlfriend? I’ll not take the rap for everybody. To talk in the manner associated with ‘rap’ music. The best for a long time. A contemptible or objectionable person, a devious schemer.

Meaning the same as ‘rat-arsed’. In my opinion it all went to ratshit when we sold our star player. From being considered vermin, like rats. A bout of drug withdrawal symptoms.

Suffering from the physical effects of drug withdrawal. A large dance music party. To party in the manner by which ‘raves’ became known. The act of going to a ‘rave’.

In the manner of a ‘rave’. A good time, a pleasurable spree. Usually cash as opposed to cheques or credit cards. A bigoted narrow minded person. A marijuana or cannabis cigarette. Stan Butler in the U. An exclamation expressing a successful outcome.

A term usually used by adolescents. To tease, make fun of. A gay male who prefers asian partners. A lump of faecal matter.

A third class university degree qualification. An act of sexual intercourse. I made a right mess of that. A foolish or eccentric person. Soreness of the anus, due to diarrhoea. A hot and spicy curry.