Dating disasters

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Archaeologists are drawn to such events because they tend to leave behind time capsules. Abandoned settlements and skeletons give clues to how people reacted to epidemics and the weather that destroyed their worlds. Ancient natural disasters can also answer historical mysteries, reveal glimpses into a victim’s personal life, and even back up myths. In 2010, developers decided a seaside location at Hamresanden would make the ideal retirement spot. Then diggers found the ruins. When archaeologists inspected the site, they were so enthralled that the discovery was deemed to be among Europe’s most important. The prehistoric village appeared to have been engulfed by a sandstorm and buried within hours.

The site is noteworthy because of the people who lived there and their ceramics. Called the Funnel Beaker Culture, these first farmers of the Stone Age produced beakers with funnel-shaped openings. Thanks to the sudden storm that preserved walls, weapons, and wooden artifacts, Norwegian archaeologists found their first unscathed vessel. Several large fragments will allow the reconstruction of about eight more beakers. The sandstorm sealed the settlement around 3500 BC but was not the first to sweep the area.