Dating a workaholic

With everybody trying to move forward in their careers and to make as much money as possible, learning how to deal with a workaholic boyfriend now is going to be important. I’m a workaholic girlfriend and my partner had to learn how to deal with me. It’s hard, girls, but possible. So, you ready to learn how you can handle dating a workaholic boyfriend if he is a workaholic?

Is It Worth Fighting for? I know it’s a hard question to ask yourself, but truthfully, picking your battles is the key to any relationship. Is his workaholic nature actually affecting your relationship? Is he not as attentive as he once was?

Does he not pay attention to you? I like this guy that works for the Railroad and works 12 hrs 5 days a week and has his son on his days off. How can I convenience him that I will not walk away like the other women did? Well, im still dating a workaholic and its bothering me that TIME has always been the problem between us. Ok, so the deal with my boyfriend. Is that his job is for slaves I mean he works so much sometimes he can’t even come home to sleep.