Dating a homebody

Miss September 2011 Tiffany Toth is a classic blue-eyed, blond-haired beauty. Tiffany grew up in Orange County, California, and dating a homebody many Southern California children, she spent a lot of time at the beach.

Alas, some things never change. Tiffany still looks forward to spending summer nights around a bonfire drinking and eating s’mores. Tiffany always wanted to be a Playmate. Cyber Girl of the Week feature. She later became a Cyber Girl of the Month. After a five-year relationship with the magazine during which she attended a number of parties at the Playboy Mansion, as well as various photo shoots, she was chosen as Playmate of the Month in September 2011. Since appearing in the magazine Tiffany has landed a number of modeling gigs, primarily in health magazines and lingerie catalogs.

Tiffany says she loves all the opportunities to travel that come with being a model. When not modeling, Tiffany works as a makeup artist. Other models often ask her for help with their makeup, so she decided to give it a try, all while watching and learning from other professionals in the industry. Tiffany says people are surprised to learn that she’s a homebody. Many perceive Playmates as always partying and going to clubs, which she doesn’t do. She likes to stay home to cook and enjoys interior decorating.