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Once an athlete has reached advanced stages of development, improving the efficacy of their training can be a daunting task. We cannot be certain what will come up crossfit singles year, but at this point, we have a good understanding of what Games athletes will be up against.

While these ideas may be useful to non-competitive or less advanced athletes in some instances, please keep in mind that they are designed for relatively high level athletes. Today, I’m just introducing four concepts which have benefitted my athletes. I will go into each of them in-depth in further articles. The advanced athlete must find opportunities to improve in every facet of their training, and the daily warm-up is no exception. I know you don’t want to be associated with marathoners.

Things like high rep sets of pullups between sets of 3-5 heavy back squats, muscle-ups mashed up with front squats, Russian kettlebell swings with push presses. On the other hand, we see deadlifts with light-to-moderate loads for moderate-to-high reps in nearly every Games related event. Yet I often see athletes neglecting to train things like heavy sets of 10-15 touch-and-go reps, and thus never maximizing their ability to recover from those efforts. The same goes for weightlifting. The athlete with the heaviest snatch isn’t necessarily going to thrive at light-to-moderate weights for high reps. Nor, necessarily, will the athlete with supreme mechanics for max singles, but who is unskilled at performing in the 10-30 rep range.

The best athletes are still smiling on day three because their training has prepared them for it. Less is not more in this game. It is entirely possible to construct a system which, over the course of weeks, months, and years, gradually increases the total volume an athlete handles in his or her training, and thus his or her tolerance to that volume. In Part II, we will take an in-depth look at using your warm-up as a tool for advancing your skills and work capacity. Jacob Tsypkin has been coaching athletes for ten years.

Coming from a lifelong background in martial arts, Jacob took on an instructor position at the age of fifteen, and quickly realized he was a better coach than he was an athlete. Monterey Bay Barbell Club in 2011. Jacob is fortunate to have been mentored by some of the best coaches in the game. He has also been mentored by some of the top weightlifting coaches in the United States, and helped athletes reach the podium at national meets in both USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting. Your email address will not be published.

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