Coffee meets bagel cost

The Home coffee meets bagel cost the 4 Hour Investor Grade Business Plan. What’s the most cost-effective way to get cream cheese on your bagel? We visited six of the city’s top bagel shops and crunched the numbers to find out. Whether you were born deep in Brooklyn or moved to the city last month, “just a schmear” connotes a sense of taste and discernment.

It’s the shibboleth of a citywide society of bagel connoisseurs. For the uninitiated, “just a schmear” is what you tell your bagel guy when he’s about to slap a half pound of cream cheese on your bagel. Just a schmear” means no, I’d like less than a quarter inch slab of cream cheese for breakfast. Because just a thin schmear is all a bagel really needs. New York bagel shops are notoriously generous with their cream cheese. But you pay dearly for it: adding cream cheese doubles—or more—the cost of your bagel. Which is why I’ve always wondered if there’s a cheaper way to get your cream cheese fix.

After all, bagel shops will gladly sell you a half pound of cream cheese to spread yourself, a handy feature for setting up bagel brunch spreads at home. So what if you bought your cream cheese on the side and spread it on yourself? Would you save or lose money by doing so? We set out to six of the city’s most popular bagel shops to see what their definition of a schmear meant.