Clover dating app reviews

New research from a Toronto-based dating app has shown that the use of emoji when starting up a conversation with a potential love match can have a profound effect on the response it receives. Read this: Clover dating app reviews that eggplant away!

Making sure you present the best possible version of yourself can be a challenge in the world of online dating. New research from one dating service suggests that even the emoji we choose to act as interpreters of our varying moods and emotions can be enough to send the wrong signal. New research from Mobile dating app Clover suggests that the use of emoji can have a powerful effect on the way users interact with each other. Clover analysed 90 million messages from three million users. They found that just 10 per cent of conversations start with a message that contains an emoji.

Women were found to reply five perĀ cent more often to an opening message with an emoji. Men were found to reply eight per cent more often. Mobile dating app Clover has analysed data from its users to see which emoji get the most responses when used to start up a conversation. And the findings suggest the choice of emoji used can play a crucial part, with definite lines drawn between those favoured by men and women – as well as how each gender is likely to respond. Women are least likely to respond to the phallic eggplant, clapping, flexed bicep and the fist bump.