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She is ‘reaching out to the world’ to secure jobs and prosperity in the UK. By continuing, your consent is assumed. Theresa May has insisted she will not shy away from raising human rights with China’s leaders on a three-day trip designed to drum china chat trade and investment as Britain prepares for Brexit.

She left no doubt that she wants to strike a formal free trade agreement with China after Brexit, but said there were steps which could be taken now to remove barriers to commerce. UK with the Far Eastern economic giant. But she sounded a note of caution about President Xi Jinping’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative to establish overland transport links between China and Europe, which some investors believe could be a goldmine for Western construction companies. What I would like to see is ensuring that we have transparency and international standards being adhered to and I will be discussing that with my Chinese interlocutors. Mrs May promised to raise UK business concerns about over-production of steel and the need for more protection for Western company’s intellectual property against the piracy for which China is notorious. And she said she would raise concerns with Mr Xi about Hong Kong, where more than 100 democracy activists have been detained in protests against alleged encroachment on the partial automony granted the former colony after its handover by the UK in 1997. I will be raising both human rights and the issue of Hong Kong,’ Mrs May told reporters travelling with her to China.

I’ve raised this in the past with President Xi and he has shown commitment to that, but I will continue to raise it with them. Theresa May arrived in China ahead of trade talks in a bid for Britain to land a free trade agreement with the Asian powerhouse. Although EU rules prevent a free trade deal until after the UK’s withdrawal, Mrs May said there was work that can be done now on improving links. China is a country that we want to do a trade deal with,’ said the Prime Minister.