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Australia’s worst paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale, 83, will likely die in prison with another three years added to his sentence after he was convicted of abusing another dozen children. Australia’s worst paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale will likely die in prison with another three years added to his sentence. The 83-year-old¬†will spend a total of almost 33 years in jail in chat with a catholic priest for his unprecedented child sex crimes over three decades. The former Catholic priest was on Thursday sentenced to 11 years jail for abusing another dozen children during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

However, much of the new sentence will be served concurrently with his exiting 28-year prison term, adding only another three years because he is eligible for parole. The latest dozen convictions bring his total to 161 abuses against 65 children, 60 boys and five girls, but the full number may never be known. Victorian County Court Judge Irene Lawson said Ridsdale¬†abused his position of trust and exploited young and vulnerable victims for his own sexual gratification. Your actions were violent and abusive. You abused your position of power and trust over each of your complainants,’ she said.

You knew at all times what you were doing was wrong. You knew no boundaries, on occasion offending in your church, in the confessional and in various presbyteries. The earliest he can be released is April 2022, and as he is in poor health after being first jailed in 1994 he will likely die before then. Ridsdale spent three decades sexually abusing vulnerable children in unprecedented offending which ‘demands an unprecedented sentence’, a prosecutor argued earlier this month. The court was told that Ridsdale then indecently assaulted her before saying: ‘Jesus died for our sins so we could be forgiven and if I confess to this sin I might be forgiven.