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Let’s try to explore what is Torren what are the things you can do with it. Hope you find them useful. If you are in hurry then you can quickly look at the below table for best torrent site for movies. How torrent download site works? The general meaning of Torrent in English is the Strong fast-moving stream of water. I don’t know that whether I formulated it right but this is what I think. If you have a different opinion then you are welcome to comment your opinions below.

Technically speaking Torrent is basically a link to trackers. Trackers are the elements which either are after that same file. I will explain seeders and leechers before explaining about best torrent sites. However, you can stop being a Seeder manually. I hope it is making sense.

Torrent download sites work on the concept of Peer to peer. This method was invented by Bram Cohen. The data simply get transfer from one pc to another and help users to download premium stuff for free. This video explains pretty well how torrent sites works.

1 among best torrent sites 2016. It has millions of uploads to choose from. I have used it for getting ebooks and in most cases they provide us with the file that we need. That’s why I love it.

You can have some trouble accessing the site, therefore, you can use proxies for accessing the site. Torrent Search Engine for torrent sites. Music, Video and Ebooks etc. It has lots of stuff available for free therefore it has been under serious trouble by piracy checking authorities. The Pirate Bay was founded by Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde in 2003.

This is the most preerred bittorrent downloading site for all torrent lovers. It is another site for getting all kind of premium stuff for free. This is recently developed torrent sites but it has become popular in very less time. It’s on the recommendation of many experienced torrent users. It was started as Bulgarian Tracker but is now accessible in many countries. It has lots of content including Movies that are shown categories wise like Action, Drama, Old etc, Games, Music, Ebooks and much more. It has very large Community which helps in providing premium content by providing the torrent that is in good health.