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Please forward this error screen to 72. Where our team will chat all the new stuff. We wish you all the best of luck with your life and chat. We chat greece free dating website, with most users from UK looking for dating.

To start dating its quite simple register, login, search profile, send messages, recieve messages and make new friends. Chat Room No Registration Required! US looking for speed dating. You should be 18 or plus to use our dating service. We do not provide dating consultancy but we make best effort to help you start dating. I am an ex professional fighter offering  wrestling sessions. These  are private wrestling matches, to anyone looking for a competitive challenge, a brutal ass-kicking, or an all-around sweaty good time.

I have compete at professional levels in the sport of mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai. I am also a submission grappler, currently continuing my training at a gym in central London. I work out and weight train daily to maintain my strong physique and skill level. The sessions are fun, enjoyable and as tough as you want them to be! To help you decide which session  type is desirable to you, please refer to my “session types” section to discover which one your favourite is. Once you have made your decision all you have to do is email me and we can get the ball rolling.

I also have access to other top female wrestlers who can join me in catfight sessions, 2 v 1 or any custom clip video requests. If you aren’t based in London but live in another city, email me and I can add your city to my travel plans. I travel at least twice a month to wrestle abroad! Keep your eyes peeled for travel dates in Europe! Female wrestling goddess in London! Who Loves PVC and LEATHER? Book me with other famous wrestlers!