Chat creator

Go ahead and explore the possibilities! Download full alphabets and make your own designs offline! I can do it for you. In our The Guest Book interview, series creator Greg Garcia explains how his new show was inspired by a chat creator of pranks.

This week brings the third episode, and even though it’s an anthology series, you’ll want to keep up. Set at the Froggy Cottage cabin, each week sees a new guest check in with a new story. Film by phone last week, in a good mood since episode two saw increased viewership. This is not a single location. You’ve got Chubby’s and various locations leading up to the cabin. We’re all over the place. That’s why it’s funny to me that we got compared to that show just because first logline.

It couldn’t be more different. We not only have Chubby’s and the rental place and what have you, but every story we go outside of the house a ton and some stories there’s a lot of lead up before you even get to the cabin. We did not get cabin fever, as you might say. When I showed it at the Austin ATX, I showed episode seven just because I love all my children, but that was one where Michael Rapaport just killed it. So that’s what I showed and people weren’t lost.

Now, they would have enjoyed what was going on with the regulars a lot more had they watched one through six in order before they watched seven. Especially once the season comes to an end, now you’re really going to want to have seen at least a few leading up to it, if not all of them, to really fully appreciate the show. So I wanted the people to be able to be caught up and enjoy which is why I think at ATX people probably were fine with it because they got caught up real quick. You want to try to do it different and fun.