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Whether you’re into sunbathing, baywatching, surfing or california singles, California’s diverse beaches have something for everyone. Read on for our roundup of the best beaches the Golden State has to offer. 4 133 478 133 478 148. 163 0 16 0s16 7.

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However, the job had to be done, and we knew narrowing it down wasn’t going to be an easy task. So, we crowd sourced, researched, and checked in with our resident California experts to round up the best beaches the Golden State has to offer. Head to Huntington Beach, a. Scared of the ocean, but love the seashore? Try Limantour Beach in Point Reyes, which is famed for its long, white stretches of sand and immense wildlife population, where you can whale-watching and hike for days. Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach, where you can take a dip in your own, personal, aqua tide pool. Looking to get lost in luxury?

Santa Monica for a stay in one of their private bungalows, only steps from the shore, the pier, and some of the city’s best shopping. So whether you’re a swimmer or a surfer, a birdwatcher or a shopper, or just a general beach lover—we’ve got you covered. Click through our gallery to find out which California beach is the right one for you. Undoubtedly one of Malibu’s most beautiful landscapes, El Matador State Beach boasts incredible ocean views from the rugged cliffs above, which you’ll have no choice but to perch upon, as the beach can only be accessed by a steep dirt trail leading down to the shore. The magnificent cliffs, unique rock structures, and hidden sea caves make you feel like you’re in a scene straight out of Game of Thrones. This Big Sur beach is regularly mentioned as one of California’s best. While it may be well known to West Coasters, it remains under the radar to visitors.