Business chat

LAN chat software for organizing effective real-time communication system over office LANs, business and corporate large networks, enterprise-size WANs business chat VPNs and Internet. Microsoft Windows Domain networks integration.

This will make instant messengers customized and also lets associate a URL with the logo. Secure messaging suite designed to provide efficient and private communication over networks of any size. This clear, easy to use and light-weight IM client offers a set of corporate features and answers most of the business needs you may have. It is a quick and efficient solution for alerting and urgent messaging purposes. IM platform that makes it possible to log and archive all messages, group users, send offline and news messages, deliver important files and documents. LANs, corporate WANs and large enterprise networks with connections over Internet.

Print information for any period and for any person. Windows system, from old 98 to latest version 10. Mobile client requires Android version 2. Could Secure Instant Messaging Software Boost Your Business? Bopup Messenger is a nicely-done instant messaging program that’s secure.

Security is important especially in a business situation. I like the fact that the program lets you have groups so users within a “team” can communicate with each other. This LAN secure messaging program is designed to work with networks of any size. You can use this application to work with larger companies, uniting offices and multiple locations into one internal IM workspace. The system is extremely secure.