Best cities to meet women

For this post on the best cities to meet a girl in the Ukraine we are going to break it down in to two sections. First we are going to list the best city for meeting hookers and ladies of the best cities to meet women, followed by the best for finding a good Ukrainian woman or bride. With the current internal strife going on in the country there are certain places foreign men probably don’t want to be. So these lists will not be very long, in fact there are really only going to be 2 cities listed here and one of them is listed twice.

It just isn’t wise to head out to smaller towns or into conflict zones to try to meet a girl in the Ukraine, so you need to stay in the safe areas. We don’t want to lead anyone astray. Lets go ahead and start with the best city to meet prostitutes and ladies of the night, and then get around to finding a good woman for marriage. There used to be a lot of street hookers in Kiev but that really isn’t the case anymore. There are lots of prostitutes in Kiev that rent out apartments with other girls.

They will then advertise on escort sites and then invite you to come over. The good thing about this is if the prostitute you met online isn’t as hot when you show up there are going to be other options on site that you can switch too. So you can get some nice semi pro escorts that way. There are lots of prostitutes in Kiev, while there isn’t one red light district or anything like that they aren’t too hard to find. Since Kiev is the biggest city with the most girls it is no surprise that it ends up on both lists. The more options you have the better, and Kiev certainly has options for finding a good Ukrainian woman. There is lots of nightlife here, and you can also try to meet girls in the daytime at malls, coffee shops or parks.

However, and there always has to be a however, the girls in Ukraine are not the easiest to hook up with on the first date. It generally takes a few dates to get laid with them. So if you do go out in the nightlife don’t expect many one night stands, of course the hookers would be an exception to that. And if the girl you meet in Odessa is only on a short trip you might not have time to get that third date when the payoff will come. The dating culture can be tough for tourists. Any time you meet a Ukrainian girl you really like spend time with her that first time you meet her and casually mention how it feels like a date.

It might not work, but if you are lucky she will tick date 1 off right then. Next meet her for a casual coffee date, something that won’t take up too much of your time. Invite her to your place after but expect her to decline the offer. Now you are done with date 2, and you haven’t invested that much yet. On the third meet go for it all, a nice dinner followed by drinks and dancing. If you have played your cards right you should be in for a great night.