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It is here, in the center of Europe where unusual women are born who are tender and sympathetic. As a rule, a Ukrainian woman is beautiful, smart, independent, and tolerant. She is not afraid of hardships. Ukraine, as it has been not once proved by history, doesn’t belong to neither the West nor the East. It is constantly on a crossroad. It is about many life spheres, including norms of woman’s beauty. The idea about Russian women being the most beautiful isn’t new.

Great appearance of Slavic beauties are recognized by the whole world. God gave Russian land many benefits and wealth. One of them is women’s beauty. However, in Russia there is a completely different image of an ideal appearance.

Russian and Ukrainian wedding traditions have an ancient history. With time most of them are modified and acquire new meanings, a part of them becomes a history, and the rest unfortunately disappeared. Slavic women constantly leave for Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa, and Asia while marrying foreign men. And nobody knows for sure if they live there good, if their hopes pan out, as it can be both good and bad there too. Ukrainian crisis, civil war, the aggravation of a conflict with Russia, as a paradox, but all these factors favour the development of the marriage business in the country. A lot of the brides from Ukraine began to apply to international dating service. Sooner or later every man begins to think about marriage.

He needs a woman who will support him, care, give birth to his children. But nowadays it is extremely difficult to find a nice girl who would be a good wife. For some reason alcoholic drinks in Ukraine are considered to be a prerogative of men only. As it is well-known, our tastes are directly connected with our character. Well, what can one say about a Ukrainian woman depending on kinds of alcohol she prefers? American and German men, Canadians, Australians, Italians and French, Spaniards and Cubans. Dating and marriage without borders – thousands of mail order brides from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.