Baseball single

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Baseball single runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning. May 1, 2004 and September 22, 2004. Roger Clemens 1986 and 1996 struck out 20.

20 in a 9-inning start, but the game went on to extra innings. 5 wild pitches in one game. Rick Ankiel of the 2000 St. 26 strikeouts in a game of any length. Most strikeouts in a game of any length by both teams.

Yasiel Puig bungled a throw to first base. Ellis then torpedoed the throw into left field, and then on the relay to home plate, Hanley Ramírez threw the ball past a diving Clayton Kershaw to complete the trifecta of errors. Letters identify the individuals or teams that accomplished the feat. 40 inside-the-park grand slams since 1950.

As of 3 September 2011. These six events may be the only times in the history of baseball when a team has deliberately and with premeditation allowed a run to score by the opposing team for strategic purposes. It is true that there are cases where a particular choice of defensive alignment may make scoring more likely, and there are cases where decisions made in the moment of play allow a run to score in exchange for other strategic purposes, but intentionally walking in a run is clearly in a different class of strategic maneuver. This may also have occurred when a pitcher was instructed to deliberately hit a batter with the bases loaded, but in this case, intention is not provable. Some sources do not include the two perfect games thrown in the 19th century, because of differences in the rules of play, and thus list only twenty-one perfect games. Komine’s 2nd pitch on July 30, 2006. 5th pitch June 28, 2015.