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Please forward this error screen to 69. Politics and policy news from the Baltimore Sun. The House of Delegates unanimously approved long-sought legislation Baltimore singles that will allow judges to admit evidence of a defendant’s past behavior in trials for sexual assault. Passage of the bill sets up a conference committee with the Senate, which has passed a different version of the bill.

So the county plans to add more hearings. Lawmakers call on Senate to confirm Maryland’s U. 5,000 was the statutory max. In a ruling that could have reverberations on this year’s crucial elections, a federal judge Thursday ruled that Florida’s current ban on former felons voting is unconstitutional and needs to be changed as soon as possible. Georgia’s lieutenant governor on Monday threatened to prevent Delta Air Lines from getting a lucrative tax cut after the company ended its discount program with the National Rifle Association, in the latest fallout from a deadly school shooting in Florida. The Maryland House of Delegates passed three gun-control laws late Thursday, banning ‘bump stocks,’ creating a ‘red flag law’ to seize guns from people deemed dangerous, and making sure people convicted of domestic violence surrender their firearms.

The Maryland House of Delegates on Thursday approved a call for a national convention to amend the U. Constitution in a way that limits the influence of corporate money in politics. Environmentalists presented the Maryland General Assembly with two options this year: Double the state’s renewable energy requirement to supplying half of the electricity Marylanders use, or go even further and aim to eliminate all dependence on fossil fuels. Fearful that President Donald Trump’s environmental regulators weren’t taking action against a harmful pesticide, Maryland lawmakers vowed to step in this year by proposing a state ban on the chemical. 5 billion operating budget and send it to the House of Delegates. The state spending plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1 represents a 2.

2 percent increase over the current fiscal year. Fact check: Does the GOP memo show the FBI spied on the Trump campaign? Trump says solar tariff will create ‘a lot of jobs. But it could wipe out many more.

Proposed legislation to allow judges to admit evidence of past acts in trials of defendants accused of sexual assault has cleared what may be its biggest hurdle. The House Judiciary Committee, where similar legislation has failed many times before, approved a version of the bill Thursday. Senate Republicans are delaying the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the U. Attorney in Maryland until they receive information from the Department of Justice related to the special counsel’s Russia probe, The Baltimore Sun has learned. De’Auntte Griffin-Dezurn of Pumphrey remembers the day her son died, recalling the specific damages to his face and body after it was hit by a car. When Mayor Catherine Pugh’s office announced the resignation of her new spokesman, Darryl Strange, on Wednesday night, she explained that he had been undergoing a thorough vetting process that had not been complete when she introduced him at City Hall 10 hours earlier. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718054171.

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