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People spend more time each morning checking emails and using the internet than they do eating breakfast or taking care of their appearance, a survey by Silentnight found. Do you text late into the night and reach for your phone as soon as you wake up? Many adults now spend more hours of the day average time dating before proposal laptops and phones than they do asleep, a survey has revealed. 8 hours 41 minutes on media devices.

And four in ten adults and teenagers said there had been occasions when they checked their smartphone in the night after it woke them up. Experts have warned this increase in tech-tapping means that people are not getting enough quality sleep, which has a direct effect on their health. Previous research has found the blue light emitted from phones wreaks havoc with the body’s natural rhythms, tricking the body into thinking it is daytime. This stops the production of the natural sleep-hormone, melanin, and keeps a person awake. Experts have warned that over time, a continued lack of sleep can lead to a weakened immune system and an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also make a person more susceptible to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and can impair fertility in both men and women.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep and energy coach, advises turning off all technological devices at least 60-90 minutes before going to sleep in order to give the mind time to wind down. Browsing the internet and social media before going to bed overloads the ‘working memory’ of the brain, leading to noisy, thought-filled sleep, she said. She added: ‘Three quarters of people in the UK are not getting a good night’s sleep. As people increase the volume of technology in their homes, there are more distractions to keep them awake at night, reducing the amount of quality sleep they receive. Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep and energy coach, says taking the following steps can lead to a restful night. Switch off tech devices and avoid checking your emails or social media accounts 90 minutes before going to bed – put you phone, laptop and tablets away.