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Jewish atheism” does not inherently entail a contradiction. This presents less of a contradiction than might first seem apparent, given Judaism’s emphasis on practice over belief, with atheist dating site mainstream guides to Judaism suggesting that belief in God is not a necessary prerequisite to Jewish observance. The Reform movement, for example, has rejected efforts at affiliation by atheistic temples. The presence of atheists in all denominations of modern Judaism, from Secular Humanistic Judaism to Orthodoxy, has been noted.

The Jewish philosopher Howard Wettstein has advanced a non-metaphysical approach to religious commitment, according to which metaphysical theism-atheism is not the issue. Reconstructionist tradition, has argued that Jewish theology should move from a focus on God to an emphasis on “godliness. This “predicate theology”, while continuing to use theistic language, again makes few metaphysical claims that non-believers would find objectionable. However, some Jewish atheists remain deeply uncomfortable with the use of any kind of theistic language. For such Jews traditional practice and symbolism can still retain powerful meaning.

Jewish spirit or stand as a symbol of the fight against assimilation. Jewish people, not a faith document or correct history. While some non-believers of Jewish ancestry do not consider themselves Jews, preferring to define themselves solely as atheists, some would argue that Judaism is arguably a culture and tradition that can be embraced without religious faith, despite Jewish culture revolving around God. Historically, many well-known Jews have rejected a belief in deities. Some have denied the existence of a traditional deity while continuing to use religious language. Jew, while rejecting the notion of a personal god. Jewish family and was a non-theist.

In one of his most cited comments on religion he stated: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. Many other famous Jews have wholeheartedly embraced atheism, rejecting religiosity altogether. At the same time he urged a Jewish colleague to raise his son within the Jewish religion, arguing that “If you do not let your son grow up as a Jew, you will deprive him of those sources of energy which cannot be replaced by anything else. God, answered “I believe in the Jewish people, and the Jewish people believe in God. I rightly pass for an atheist”. 2010, swore after his bar mitzvah that he would never again lie about not being an atheist. What Makes a Jew “Jewish”?

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