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He also asperger chat severe anxiety. Is it possible that the anxiety is causing him to act-out in various ways?

A strong correlation between anxiety and inflexibility is evident both at home and in the school environment. A lack of empathy significantly limits skills for autonomous social problem-solving. Limitations in generalizing from one situation to another often contribute to repeating the same social mistakes. For example, the child may have found a way to positively connect with his siblings at home, yet he doesn’t translate that same skill over to connecting with classmates. For example, he may talk incessantly about a special interest, but due to an inability to read non-verbal cues, he fails to recognize that the listeners have become bored. But, he continues to ramble on about his interest and fails to get his message across because no one is paying attention anymore.

Social limitations make it difficult for a child with the disorder to develop coping strategies for soothing herself and containing difficult emotions. The child on the autism spectrum is often teased and bullied by his peers, yet he has great difficulty mounting an effective socially adaptive response. The circumstances that raise the anxiety level of children with Asperger’s and HFA often result in their increased need to control people, places, and things. This need for control takes the form of rigidity.