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Julie Decker from Tampa, Florida, started describing herself as ‘nonsexual’ at the age of asexual online dating and when she became aware of the term ‘asexual’, she changed it. A 35-year-old woman has told how she has never felt sexually attracted to men or women. The outgoing blonde says that she’s had more offers of sex than she ‘wants to count’ over the years but, ‘without the feelings that usually go with that sort of thing, it’s kind of gross.

I have very close friendships but don’t want a significant other. I don’t want to find another asexual to be roommates with. Is this New York’s next first daughter of fashion? As far as I can tell I’ll be happy being single my whole life.

But she concluded: ‘I never found anything that floated my boat. She says that her family were convinced that she was a ‘closet lesbian’. She said despite there being more awareness about asexuality today, it still remains largely misunderstood. She’s had male friends try and ‘fix’ her by kissing her against her will and many insist that she will ‘wake up one day’. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ASEXUAL? An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are.

Asexuality does not make our lives any worse or any better, we just face a different set of challenges than most sexual people. Asexuality is just beginning to be the subject of scientific research. When people hear that you’re asexual, some take that as a challenge,’ she told the Huffington Post. We are perceived as not being fully human because sexual attraction and sexual relationships are seen as something alive, healthy people do.

They think that you really want sex but just don’t know it yet. For people who perform corrective rape, they believe that they’re just waking us up and that we’ll thank them for it later. Miss Decker says that asexuality presents itself in many forms. Some people, while lacking sexual attraction to any gender, may engage in purely romantic relationships. However, she defines herself as ‘aromantic’, meaning she does not have any romantic feelings either. Professor Bogaert, an associate professor at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, suggests in his book Understanding Asexuality, that around one per cent of the world’s population – 70million people – are ‘asexual. He believes that this demographic are ‘under-studied’ and that they can feel excluded from our ‘very sexualised culture’.

Experts say a certain number of asexuals may have always existed but are only now starting to ‘come out’ as society becomes more liberal. Miss Decker concludes: ‘I’m not damaged, lonely or in need of a conversion because I’m not interested . She hopes to raise awareness about asexuality through her writing and public speaking. A Guinness for me and a water for you! No St Patrick’s Day tipple for me! Errol Musk last week at his home in South Africa.

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