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A survey conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that more than half of asexual men and woman masturbate and experience sexual fantasies. By Cheyenne Macdonald For Dailymail. People who identify as asexual may asexual dating app experience sexual attraction, but that doesn’t stop them from masturbating and even having sexual fantasies.

The experiments revealed that the bottom role and the top role in BDSM are each associated with a distinct altered state of consciousness. Dietrich’s transient hypofrontality and some aspects of flow. These states have long been associated with creativity. And, the team says the BDSM activities also reduced stress and negative affect, and increased sexual arousal.

Participants who identified as asexual, using the Asexual Identification Scale, were more likely to report that they’d never experienced a sexual fantasy. In addition, the researchers found that the fantasies of asexual and sexual participants often overlap. Both groups, across the genders, were equally likely to fantasize about topics such as fetishes and BDSM, the researchers noted. Asexual individuals, however, were more likely to report fantasizing about sexual activities that did not involve themselves.

In one example, a respondent said most of their fantasies don’t involve real people, but focus on fictional couples instead, New York Magazine reports. I don’t want to do anything sexual with any of the people I imagine, and by themselves, they don’t turn me on,’ a 32-year-old female respondent explained in the study. I think it’s because I’m not capable of feeling sexual attraction or lust, so I mentally conjure up people who are and empathize with them. The results reveal that a large number of asexual men and women do experience sexual fantasies and masturbate, despite lacking sexual attraction to other people. These individuals were also less likely to fantasize about topics such as group sex, public sex, or having an affair.

When it comes to masturbation, asexual women were least likely partake compared to the rest of the group, while both asexual women and men reported masturbating for sexual pleasure far less than their sexual counterparts. According to the researchers, the findings suggest that sexual fantasies are not ubiquitous, and may be driven by different motivations than once thought. An asexual individual may not experience sexual attraction, but may nonetheless engage in sexual fantasy, perhaps to facilitate physiological sexual arousal and masturbation,’ the authors wrote. The sexual fantasies may not be reflections of innate sexual wants or desires.