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ACTion was started by Craig Talbot in 1994. ACTion into a full-time business. Precedent model aircraft kits e. Units in DIY kit-form are packed to order. P14 Destroyer Sound unit for use as a doorbell! ACTion items or undertake special projects or one-offs. Craig in the beginning, they like to get it right.

Our Price List should be your guide. September – perfect for that Graham engine you’ve always fancied! Miscellaneous item at the end. Such costs will always be charged to the customer. International customers should note that our terms are DDU i. Acceptance of these terms is implicit in placing an order.

We are registered for UK Value Added Tax. VAT-inclusive and applies to all customers within the UK and the EU. 12 months from date of purchase. By using the product the user accepts all liability. ASD features K-12 School Information on over 105,000 schools. The Realbird online mapping service includes street, aerial and topographical maps as well as driving directions and will be linked on each school page! 105,000 K-12 schools in the United States.

It is the most convenient and low cost method with search capabilities that allow you to view information, one school at a time. At a minimum each school will contain school name, address, office phone, principal name, grade levels and type of school. There are two subscriptions available at ASD. To purchase click ‘Ready to Subscribe’ below and proceed with the registration and payment information.